What Customers Are Saying

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I Love Clicking

"I used to get frustrated when I would forget what I was supposed to do and then not be able to play because my jobs weren't done. It's really helped to carry my list around so I can easily look at it and remember everything. It's very sturdy and I love clicking over to a star when I finish something."

Koen G

Teaches Responsibility

“Moxiclix have helped my kids to keep focused on what they need to do throughout the day. They love using them. I can just look at their clicker and know.  It has been great for our family, taking the stress off me and them of the constant nagging all the time of what they have done, or not done. It has brought peace in the family. It's simple to use and teaches responsibility. I love that we can detail it to each kid.”

Janice F

So Satisfying

"I love that my MoxiClix makes it so easy to see everything I need to do. It's so satisfying to click through my list, and when I'm done, I can play for the rest of the day! It's the best!"

Mara G

Extra Fun

“My children absolutely love their clickers! In the past we have tried lots of different ways to help our children have autonomy over their “daily tasks” but the charts, tickets, etc. seem to loose their appeal quickly. But that is not the case with the clickers! My children wake up excited to start clicking off their tasks for the day. The tactile element of the clickers makes them extra fun too! We love our clickers!”

Rebecca L

Total Game Changer

“I love them! They have been a total game changer for us.  My kids are actually excited to get their chores done now. I also don’t have to constantly be telling them what they need to get done before they can play, they just know by looking at their clickers. (Which makes for a better spirit in our home) Thank you for sharing what has worked for you and your family with all of us.”

Nicole G

No More Micromanaging

“We love Moxiclix! They have been a huge game changer at our house! My  kids love writing their lists each morning and getting to wear them in a fun way. They especially love getting to click off each thing they accomplish throughout the day. It's so fulfilling to click off both sides that they will come up with their own extra goals to work on when they don't have 12 things to do. I love that I don't have to micromanage, my kids know they can't play till they have all their clicks!”

Jennaca A

MoxiClix Are Time Keepers and Magic Makers

MoxiClix clickers teach children productivity, responsibility, and accountability, all while making it fun.
Children can hear, see, and feel their accomplishments all with the click of a button.